Emile Hirsch is a Sean Penn protégé. Professionally and personally.

Recently during the Milk promotional tour, Emile was approached by two eager, Hello Kitty style fans who’d been wating, and squealing, and holding hands, and clutching their stuffed toys, angst-ridden over meeting their idol. They simply wanted his autograph.

He refused.

So the two intrepid super freaks, um, followed him to the airport. They were at the curb when his car pulled up and begged again just for him to scrawl his name on their notepads and bless their lives. Not only did he reject them, this time he gave them the finger, cackled in their faces, and then sprinted off. He was overhead telling his people who were pleading with him to just sign and get it over with that he absolutely would not do it because they were “f*cking losers”.

Ok yeah, it was a douche move, totally. Not very grateful. Sure, he acted like a little bitch.


Let’s discuss this…

Because these people, NOT THE NORMAL FANS but the hardcore like level 10 clinger ones, the ones waiting in the lobby and following in cars, the ones taking the day off work to line a red carpet for a glimpse of the Brange, the ones who call in to Oprah to TELL Brad Pitt how many tattoos he has, those Twilight idiots, not just the teens but those moms who spend all day writing fan fiction on message boards about Edward and Bella… well… is Emile wrong? Aren’t they f*cking losers? Or do you just laugh at them privately without somehow helping them perhaps through extreme measures see the lameness of their lameness?

Isn’t it just a little refreshing that instead of kissing their asses to keep his job he actually told them to beat it and get a life? Like what would happen if Robert Pattinson did that?

Many of you have been pleading Rob’s case on the Freebie Five.

I’m telling you, if Rob Pattinson pulled an Emile (because you KNOW he must think the same way about the lunatics that live and breathe Twilight), if he pulled an Emile in the face of a Twilight crazy, he’d shoot to #1 right away.

Here’s Emile at Critics’ Choice last night smirking like the little prick he is.

Photos from Wenn.com