The Khaleesi, Gidget, and Jon Snow hang out

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 10, 2014 18:01:18 February 10, 2014 18:01:18

How happy are you to know that they hang out, like when they’re not working, they just hang out on a Sunday in LA?

Check out Emilia Clarke, Rose Leslie, and Kit Harington yesterday in LA. They’re close. Rose and Kit used to date, and Rose and Emilia were seen earlier in the day making cute faces at each other, very tactile, over lunch. I could only afford one photo so you’re only seeing the group shot. Trust me though when I tell you that they like each other, they really, really like each other. And it’s not like they constantly hang out when they’re shooting Game Of Thrones either. Emilia is off in her own Khaleesi land while Rose and Kit have to be climbing ice mountains all the time. When they do see each other then is at the parties and during promotion. And on weekends in California for photo shoots and interviews. And they still want to hang out after! Let’s all hug!

HBO just released a featurette for Season 4. Normally these featurettes don’t offer anything interesting. But I can’t stop watching this one over and over again.


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