I’m still tripping that this is a thing -- the Khaleesi and Seth MacFarlane. Check them out, posing separately on Sunday night at HBO’s Golden Globes party after the show. Because I love her, I have tried. I have tried to convince myself that if she’s into it there must be something to be in to. But ... I can’t see it. All I feel is gross.

So did you hear? With Tina and Amy hosting, the Golden Globes posted some strong numbers -- highest rated show in 6 years. And now everyone’s wondering what kind of pressure that will mean for Seth when he hosts the Oscars. Already some people in the industry don’t think he’ll be able to deliver the way that the women did. And that the Academy is worried that, in comparison, their host and therefore their show will be considered inferior. (Source)  Seth says however that he’s not threatened by how great Tina and Amy were, telling Deadline that:

“Please give Tina and Amy high marks because they did great. It doesn’t matter how I do (when I host the Oscars though), Oscar hosts always get thrashed.”

Convenient, but also true. Everybody always finds something to complain about re: the Oscars. It’s too long. It’s too old. It’s too boring. There are too many awards. There aren’t enough awards. So yes, the Oscars are constantly criticised. When a host is good though -- think Hugh Jackman -- no one holds back the praise. But building himself a way out in advance? I don’t know if that’s a good sign