Emilia Clarke was on crutches today arriving for an interview in London. Don’t care about the crutches because OMG this dress!

It’s Dolce&Gabbana. It’s perfect. I’m looking for it in New York today.

So. It’s been a few days since the end of season 5. We’ve all had time to process what happened. We’ve all had time to read every speculating article on the internet about Jon and whether or not he’s gone. Most people don’t want to believe he’s gone, even though Kit Harington and the showrunners have insisted that he’s gone. Which many are reading as a technicality. That he’ll come back as something else. Because otherwise, who’s the Ice to Dany’s Fire?

Fine. But if this is a show that promises to punish those who are strategical enough, as Will Ferrell would say, then Jon Snow had to go. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, after they foreshadowed the sh-t out of it, it was a mistake not to get rid of that Alliser guy. It would be like Harry Potter making Draco Malfoy his second in command. Game Of Thrones rewards tactical intelligence and selective cunning; Jon Snow wasn’t great at either.

But also…

Why can’t Sansa, the lady of Winterfell, be the Ice to Dany’s Fire? Daenerys finally had a real season. And like Daenerys, Sansa is adapting, and that’s perhaps the most essential skill in the Game Of Thrones universe. Imagine it. Dany, Sansa, and blind Arya flying in on dragons, wiping out King Zombie and the undead, while Tyrion’s runs ground command. Wouldn’t you be satisfied if that’s where they take us?