A new feature I’m playing with for photos of celebrities that I don’t have much to say about but that doesn’t have to do with fashion for LifeStyle either.

Let’s start with Emily Blunt in London for the UK premiere of Into The Woods fresh off her New Year’s holiday with Jennifer Aniston and friends. Interesting because at one point, she was campaigning for Best Actress consideration. Now? A longshot. So… does she give her vote to Jen?

Oscar Isaac coulda been a contender. The National Board of Review honoured him last night with Best Actor. Like Benedict Cumberbatch, he’s engaged too. Just not flaunting it. And …well… Oscar’s probably too far back for the 5th spot and doesn’t have the inside connections that so many others have.

And finally…

Jennifer Garner yesterday with the original Hollywood Violet. I mean, can you imagine? After The Town and all those rumours? I just… I just can’t see it. I really don’t think so. Not because I don’t think Blake Lively isn’t capable of a dick move but because she’d want her name to be a first, not a second.