Prada reunion!

Feels like it’s been a long time since these two were photographed together. Remember when they presented at the Oscars, side by side? Emily was still engaged to Michael Buble back then! And Annie was still with that sketchy thief! Sh-t, that was 6 years ago...

And here they are, Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway, last night at Critics’ Choice, both with new partners now, and both married, both on the awards show circuit -- next up: the Golden Globes on Sunday. That looks like such a sweet and genuine hug Emily’s giving Annie, congratulating her on her win. As I mentioned in the open, about holding back, what Anne has on (vintage Oscar De La Renta), is textbook holding back. It’ll be a lot more special at the Beverly Hilton, for sure.

Also attached because it’s so cute -- Emily sitting on John Krasinski’s lap during the show and giggling with George Clooney.

PS. The shoes! Hate.The.Shoes!