Best Delayed Gift with Worst Topping – John Krasinksi & Emily Blunt

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Remember when I ranted back in the day that I didnΓÇÖt get to see them and their marriage enough?  (Click here for a refresher.) That they had an obligation to show off how cute we all knew they were together?  That I was entitled to see this? Apparently they decided I could wait until the end of January.

They were adorable. They were adorable even in the face of Giuliana who you know was ridiculously annoying. They managed to walk tall even in the face of the worldΓÇÖs stupidest question, ΓÇ£whatΓÇÖs it like being married to him? To her?ΓÇ¥  Why are we asking these things on a carpet?   

But, true to form, heΓÇÖs mild and sheΓÇÖs casual and it makes them both seem just so fun to hang out with, like you KNOW that as soon as they get in the car to go home, they started making fun of everyone they saw. TheyΓÇÖre comfortable making a joke about how she doesnΓÇÖt look all glam in the morning!  I feel they have delivered for us the appropriate level of cuteness in a non-essential year, though I expect to hear more in the future. I want to want them to do a Barbara Walters interview, but I want them never to do it. You know?

Of course, I could pretend we werenΓÇÖt all waiting to get to what she was wearing.  Yes I loved that dress.  Sure did. That colour is fantastic and rare, and she looked really happy in it, didnΓÇÖt she?  Lainey didnΓÇÖt like the style and fit, and upon investigation, itΓÇÖs not a jersey like I thought, but a crinkle chiffon, which certainly lends itself to the ΓÇÿwhyΓǪexactly?ΓÇÖ even if the overall effect is pleasing.

My own bugaboo, however, is, um, higher.  Are we in Grade 7, Emily?  WhatΓÇÖs with the parted-in-the-middle long straight bangs?  Are you holding your hands  in your sweatshirt to keep warm because you wonΓÇÖt wear mitts because your mom is so lame?  What is this hairstyle?  I hate it because itΓÇÖs not flattering,  I hate it because it invokes greasy hair even in the most shining of heads, and I hate it because it makes me think of people pinning back those bang-wings in gym class at 7:40 in the morning.

I suspect she meant none of this. I will only be mollified by flowing locks in the future. Thank you.

JOE KLAMAR/Frazer Harrison/Getty

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