When Matt Damon was here in Vancouver shooting a movie last year, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt would fly in to see him, super low key, and it turns out they were collaborating. Damon and Krasinski co-wrote and co-star in the upcoming Promised Land. And when they’re not working, their families get on really well too.

A few months ago, a source told me on background that while Matt and Ben Affleck are still tight -- Matt even bought a new house in Ben’s LA neighbourhood, on the same block, like practically next door -- the wives aren’t as close as you might think. Something about Jennifer Garner not vibing with Luciana.  It was nothing dramatic, and they certainly don’t hate each other, not at all, but for Garner, Lucy’s no Jessica Biel, you know? The chemistry’s not there. It is there however been Lucy and Emily Blunt. Lucy likes to stay out late when the opportunity presents itself. I saw this firsthand at TIFF when she and Damon occupied a 2nd floor booth at Soho House well past 1am. Emily and John were also at Soho House on several occasions, and kept the partying going too. They definitely looked like they were ready to party last night. It’s cute, right?

It’s also cute how John was looking at his wife on the carpet last night though she would have benefitted from a bolder lip colour. And her hair...

From the side and the back it’s fine. From the front it’s...not so flattering.