Girlcrushing. HARD. Emily Blunt, I love her so much.

She covers the new Harper’s Bazaar UK – an amazing photo shoot, an even better interview, although she’s reticent to discuss that cheating cheese dick Michael Buble. Our Emily was incapable of rolling low classy for a few minutes. All she will say about him is that they spoke too much about their relationship and that she’s learned from that now. Which is why she’s insisting she’s single…?

Despite being asked about John Krasinski during the interview – am presuming this was early days in the relationship – she was adamant that she’s not attached.

Don’t believe you!

What I do believe, deliberately naively perhaps, is her insistence on staying “normal” in Hollywood, even though Martin Scorsese like hand-picked her for Victoria. Hand. Picked.

Oh and Meryl Streep called her “the best young actress I’ve worked with in some time – perhaps ever”. Dude, if Meryl Streep said that about me, I’d be anorexic, telling people not to look me in the eye, and dropping 35 f-bombs in a matter of 4 minutes.


This however is a not a fate for Emily – so she says. She claims she doesn’t buy into the spin, she claims she’s still the girl who stammered, and she also claims she eats. A lot (for an actor). You’ll enjoy the part where she reminisces about Devil Wears Prada, how she was expected to be death-ill skinny, and how the producers would monitor her, watch her all day, taking turns to make sure she wasn’t sneaking food.

Hollywood, right?

That was 3 years ago. Now she’s promoting her first leading role – as Queen Victoria no less. They say her performance is extraordinary. Can’t WAIT to see this movie. Trailer is below.

Read the full Blunt Harpers Bazaar article and more photos click here. And there’s a bonus treat in there – James McAvoy. Hotter than ever.

Young Victoria trailer