You know I love Emily Blunt. And you further know Emily Blunt can take a fashion risk. 


I wrote that sentence, and then I found myself in the position of having to back it up, and actually there isn’t that much. Like, she wore a bright green gown to the SAGs a few years back, and there’s a shot of her from one of the Your Sister’s Sisters premieres where she’s wearing what looks like the black and blue version of The Dress – but I realize that Emily Blunt is not actually the fashion risk-taker I have been giving her credit for.

Why is this? Was I just swayed by The Devil Wears Prada? Am I so silly that her razor-cut bob lulled me into a sense of fashion submission?

Because this dress on Emily Blunt is boring, and you know what else it is?

It’s obvious. The theme is China: Through the Looking glass, and it just feels…obvious. Like, only a Mandarin collar would have been more obviously hitting the point on its head. 

I feel like I have no reason to be so disappointed, because Emily Blunt’s fashion prowess is entirely of my own making, apparently. But admit it – you were fooled too. You thought she had a stronger game than she actually does.

This doesn’t mean we don’t love her, that she isn’t funny and smart and a great actress and really good at pranking Jimmy Kimmel (in fact, I love the overlap between MET Gala attendees and people who have recently pranked Jimmy Kimmel) but expecting her to do something terribly avant-garde and out of the box is perhaps misguided.