Emily Blunt is free from that cheese dick Michael Buble. He told People that he’d always love her and that he’s happy she’s found a new man. As you know, she’s apparently now dating John Krasinski. Major upgrade. And he won’t cheat on her. With anyone. Including teenagers.

So it’s confirmed then. Emily and John. Star Magazine actually broke a story. Can you believe it?

But we need photos! Where are the photos?!?

Sigh. They’re not famewhores so they’re playing it undercover. Boo.

Emily was however sighted today at a very relaxed business lunch in LA. As pretty and as natural as ever. And only 25. 25! Good thing she didn’t marry that loser.

Anyway, if you’ve missed her, Emily has 2 features scheduled for release in 2009. The Young Victoria in which she plays Queen Victoria opposite Rupert Friend’s Prince Albert chronicling the early years of the monarch’s long reign and the romanticised relationship she shared with her husband. They were only married 20 years before he died and she mourned him the rest of her life.

This perhaps is Rupert’s opportunity to professionally come out from Keira Knightley’s shadow. But what is it with the two of them and period pictures?

Also for Emily – The Wolf Man with Benicio Del Toro, and Anthony Hopkins due out Spring 2009 and although buzz has been muted so far, expectations are growing for it to become a surprise hit. A still from the film is attached.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com