Look at that yellow-gold dress.  It probably is vintage.  And it’s slim, but it still lets her have hips, and  look like a woman, and there was no note of who she hung out with (although the answer is ‘with Rogen’ if she’s anything like I think she is), and she’s just got the whole thing down cold.  Easy easy easy when other actresses in her generation are tittering and nervous.  She’s got it down.   

And yet, I don’t see as much of Emily as I would like.

At the movies this weekend they played the trailer for Salmon Fishing In The Yemen.  I’ve heard this is good, if not revolutionary.  The trailer did not sell it as such.  Like, at all.  And then of course there’s The Five-Year Engagement, which has enough fun names in it that you’ll watch it no matter what, and so will I, and we’ll like it.

But neither of these projects – the ones most recognizable of the handful she has upcoming – make me go “Thank God there’s that role for Emily Blunt.  She’ll really get to show off in that.”  That role’s still coming, I suspect.

But even though she knows she’s the girl with the goods, she’s not a show-off braggart who’s impossible to be around.  She’s easy, and it shows.

Do you know how high a price people will pay for someone who will never – arguably could never – reek of trying? Of desperation?  And of someone who will also never be overly-smug-proud of themselves for that very same thing?

It is, pardon the cliché, pretty much priceless.