Is it me, or is there something up with Emily Blunt? She looked beautiful, which isn’t really remarkable for her at all. She wore a dress with cutouts, which is kind of annoying because she wore a dress with cutouts last week, but that’s splitting hairs. And she’s a little bit – just a touch – all one colour.

But that’s not what’s bothering me. And I want those earrings, which are sort of half gum-machine and half Deco-esque and probably half a million while I’m at it, so much I could scream.

She looked a little down at the mouth last night, no? Maybe, like most of that ballroom, she has or is coming down with the flu (can you imagine all the germs crawling around that room? Someone, somewhere, wants to get those specific flu germs.) I just felt sad for her. I wanted her to be happy.