Fine. I’ll be the dick doesn’t like what the pregnant celebrity is wearing. I just don’t think women who are pregnant need to dress like the babies they’re growing. It’s not just the colour either. It’s the embellishment. ON THE STRAPS. And the bust line cut straight across. This is infantalising. And it doesn’t have to be.

Because you would think – I know you would – that it would Emily Blunt’s good friend Anne Hathway, who is also expecting, who’d be the one to put this on. Annie did not wear pink to the Vanity Fair party. Annie did this instead:



Good, right? Annie looks like a movie star. Emily Blunt looks like the plus one best friend from the home town.

Now check out my friend, etalk anchor Danielle Graham, on the red carpet last night. She’s belly-cupping just to make me crazy but she’s about as pregnant as Emily Blunt and she didn’t pick a gown for a child. 


Pure joy and dress details. Thank you to the incredible @lucianmatis! #etalkRedCarpet

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