This is Emily Blunt in New York today with Matt Damon shooting The Adjustment Bureau. No need to be worried about having your girlcrush destroyed here…

Scott & Claudio, longtime readers with whom I’ve been having a love affair over email for years, were fortunate to meet Emily at TIFF when she was at the festival promoting The Young Victoria. Their account is as follows:

Have to tell you that we met, yes actually met, Emily Blunt at the after party for 'The Young Victoria'...she was D-voon, loooved her. Commented on her frock and she was all, 'really, you like it?', and we're all...'YAAA-EEEESSS, you're freakin' Emily Blunt!!' she laughed and we told her that we quoted her from 'Devil...', and she actually said her fave line was 'Where are you going, some hideous skirt convention?'...Then when we asked her what it was like working with that slacker Meryl Streep, she cracked up and said 'she comes to rehearsals unprepared, hung over, and makes all the cast wait for her' you love her even more???? Is that possible?????

I didn’t think it was possible but indeed, my vaginal erection has grown.

As you know Emily is engaged to John Krasinski.

On tv John Krasinski is engaged to Pam. Pam and Jim are getting married very, very soon.

Have you seen The Office promos?

I don’t do cute. But this cute I can do.

Seeing those old clips, when Jim tears up after telling Pam he loves her and she can’t…

I can’t… not… tear up too.

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