Emily Blunt to play Emma Forrest

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Emma Forrest’s Your Voice In My Head, my favourite book of 2011 -- click here for the review -- ruined books for me in 2012. And still. I’ve not loved a book that much since. Emma Watson was supposed to play Forrest in the film adaptation of Your Voice In My Head, directed by David Yates. Both have since dropped out of the project...

But Stanley Tucci, who is still confirmed for Dr R, has revealed that Emily Blunt, his sister-in-law, has replaced Watson.

Great choice. And great move.

Sarah wrote in her Emily Blunt Career Prospectus a couple of months ago that Blunt’s“passing on franchise roles but still taking on Thankless Girlfriend work” has not benefitted her professionally. This is the kind of role that will benefit her professionally...right Sarah?

But will the casting decision impact the script? There’s only an 8 year difference between Emma Watson and Emily Blunt but they play much further apart. Not that Emily, now 30, can’t come down around 25, but Your Voice In My Head starts from adolescence, easily in Emma’s range, but definitely not in Emily’s. Having said that, Emily’s experience so far would suggest that she’d be far more capable of portraying Forrest’s mental health struggles, and I can’t wait to see her chemistry with Tucci in their patient-therapist relationship. Now they just need a director.

PS. Did you see Emma Forrest’s tweet about Justin Timberlake a few months ago? You’ll recall, JT was said to be one of the top choices to play Gypsy Husband. This is no longer a problem.

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