The kind of body required to be able to work this dress... GOD.

You can’t be scrawny, right? Because then you can’t fill it out. But you have to be tight as f-ck, because those cuts, those cuts and slashes will sell you out. And that colour forgives no one.

Thank you for your feedback re: Sarah’s Emily Blunt Career Prospectus yesterday. Click here if you missed it. As Sarah noted, Emily, for whatever reason, doesn’t have the instant recognisability. But for those who do know her, as Sarah also asserted, she’s almost universally appealing, and across gender too. Men love Emily Blunt. Women love Emily Blunt. I love Emily Blunt. You know what I love about Emily Blunt? Look at her hair. It’s OK. But it’s not typical “Hollywood” either. And she’s resisted the urge to get extensions. She appears to resist the urge actually bother styling it too much. Unlike, say, Kate Beckinsale. It’s a superficial observation, I know. But I feel like it’s one of those aesthetic clues that reveal character. And I wonder how that attitude might inform her career decisions.