Something about all the leather jackets he’s been wearing right? On tour, on SNL, at the Grammys – this one looks almost blue.

He looked good. He sounded good. Lorella, who hates him, and I’ll spare her her equivalent here, sent over a note this morning about why he always looks so crusty. It’s true. Eminem doesn’t smile. I’m the loser who thinks it’s actually really sexy when he wants to smile and tries to suppress. Have you seen that? It happens during interviews, it happens often, say, on Jimmy Kimmel but it’s also happened with Anderson Cooper. He’ll think if something funny, and he’ll want to let go of all his teeth, but then “Eminem” takes over and he stops himself so instead, what ends up happening is that he tries to hold his mouth together, which in poker translates to a big Tell.

Errrrrm…. Maybe I know too much about Eminem’s facial expressions.

But I still don’t want to move to Detroit.

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