Eminem and Jay Z played a show last night sponsored by Guitar Hero at the Wiltern. Celebrities spotted: Ali Larter and Amy Smart, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jeremy Piven, and a very good friend of Ebola Hilton, Adrian Grenier. Am mentioning this for the 3 people left who still want him as a boyfriend. You do NOT want him as a boyfriend. How could you want someone who has defended that f-cking disease?

Anyway, photos also attached of a crusty Slim Shady, per usual, out and about Hollywood before the performance. Many of you have noted that he’s working the manorexic look these days. Yes totally. Since getting clean, it’s like he’s addicted to being skinny now. When he was using, he had ballooned to over 200 pounds. One extreme to the other...

As for what happened with Bruno at the Movie Awards, EW.com is reporting that, yes, indeed it was a stunt. Of course it was a stunt. As I wrote yesterday, he was mic’d!

There are those who are trying to suggest that Eminem was in on it but did not know that Bruno would only be wearing a thong…

Oh he knew. And he was fine with it. It’s Sacha Baron Cohen. It’s a f-cking honour to prank with Sacha Baron Cohen.

Besides, these days, even Eminem has to hustle harder to sell an album.

Photos from Wenn.com and VLUV/IAKONA/London Ent/Splashnewsonline.com