Eminem was shooting a new video in LA today. I really like when he doesn’t wear sweatpants. I really like when he wears real clothes that are fitted and look good. He looks good. He was in a good mood too. Eminem is usually not all that friendly with paps in candids. Half the time the shots are unusable because he has his head buried into his chest. But he actually waved this time. To me, I imagine.

We wouldn’t be too public about it though. Like, I wouldn’t even go to the Grammys with him. I’d watch from home. But maybe not Detroit. This is a reoccurring problem in my screenplay. Like, he’s loyal to Detroit and that’s a good thing but, um, I don’t want to move there. And he probably wouldn’t want to live in Vancouver. Toronto might be a good compromise.

Anyway, on February 13 Em is performing at the Grammy Awards where he leads all nominees. February 13 is also the BAFTAs. That’s going to be a monster Sunday.

Photos from Deano/Splashnewsonline.com