The early batch of Grammy Award performers was announced today. Lady Gaga, Cee-Lo Green, Miranda Lambert, Arcade Fire, Katy Perry, and…


Which I guess shouldn’t be a huge surprise. He is, after all, the Grammy poster boy this year. MusicIsLifeIsMusic.


Em backed up Drake last year on Forever but this time, this year, as he leads all nominees, as he cements what was nothing short of an extraordinarily successful year (Recovery went triple platinum), he will be the one headlining the stage. If you watched him with Lil Wayne on SNL a few weeks ago, you know this should be sick crazy good. I love him so much. And without embarrassment too.

But please don’t let it be Not Afraid. Please something else. The Grammys are known for putting together some bombass collaborations. A little imagination here wouldn’t hurt anyone. Or…I just laughed out loud…

Eminem and Britney?

As noted yesterday, there are rumours that she’ll be performing at the Grammys.


Em and Gaga and Arcade Fire, these people go live. Often. They insist upon it.


Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.


It’s totally a good idea.

It’s a THRILLING idea.

Do not tell me you wouldn’t be riveted to your television waiting for an extension to fall off.

We know two girls who’ve had a lot of work done on their faces but who haven’t seen each other in a long time. They have a love hate relationship. The other day there was a party and both showed up. None of us wanted to go to the party and that was the only reason we dragged our asses there. To see them in the same room. Seeing them greet each other was the greatest moment of our lives. And then someone asked them to take a photo. You cannot imagine the Joy. Two crazy faces, side by side, each of them wondering inside if their face was as crazy as the other’s.

There’s no entertainment like watching f-ckedupness go down. This is how I feel about Britney and the Grammys.

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