I wouldn’t say it’s the most comforting crush. He is still conflicting, conflicted, controversial, still, even though by his own admission he’s mellowed out, and is certainly speaking softer now, a lot less angry, and with a lot of contrition about his past. But Eminem will never be milk and cookies.

As far as interviews go though, and he doesn’t give them often, this wasn’t the most insightful. Most of it we already know. Having said that, this was for the 60 Minutes audience so I suppose going too hardcore on it would be unrealistic. I would have liked to see Anderson press harder on the homophobia in lyrics issue though, especially in light of his statements last week in reference to Vince Vaughn’s movie The Dilemma. Click here if you missed it.

The way it was edited with Eminem, the explanation wasn’t very adequate or, for that matter, particularly articulate. And, I’ve heard him do better, I’ve read interviews where he’s offered better. And on such a wide a platform like 60 Minutes, it would been great to see him do better, say better, to see Anderson expect better, or at least not leave it in the edit suite where it’s no good to anyone.

Have attached the video below. It’s actually rather pedestrian. But the 5 minutes of “Overtime” are way better. The behind the scenes footage often is. That’s below too. Am fascinated by how these people travel. The fact that he can’t, won’t go anywhere without presidential style security. And the “I’ms” part is really, really cute. Just me?

Photo from Wenzelberg/Splashnewsonline.com