This, I think, is our final letter. I am not sad about it. Fickleness is a great attribute.

There are things about you, that you struggle with, and they are killing my quiver. But I do love that Emma Forrest wrote about it. Have you talked? You don’t seem like a grudgy person. You might be even supportive of her despite the fact that she shared some excruciatingly private information about what happened when you two were dating. Emma has not confirmed that this is you, but we all know… it’s totally you.

It was 2008. You pursued her intensely, as you do. And you fell in love with her and she with you. And she describes how doting you were, how concerned for her you were, how many plans you made with her. She recounts that fateful day, when you suggested a trip. And then you suggested that the next step after the trip was to make a baby.


Yes. Make a baby. It would be your second baby.

Emma wanted that too.

Six hours later, six hours after telling her you wanted to make a baby, sobbing on her doorstep, you announced in her presence that you needed “space”. And that was the end. And that’s who you are. You are the guy who tried to ground himself by having a baby.

On October 18th, with the news of your most recent split, I wrote this, worrying out loud that:

It’s just that... well... I just don’t want you to be That Guy, you know? The one with a different mother for every kid and in ten years it’ll be more kids than Kevin Federline.

Six months later that’s exactly what you did… what you do? Emma turned on her computer and saw that you and Alicja Bachleda were expecting. Now of course, after the birth of a son, you and Alicja are over.

Um… this is some heavy sh-t. Way too heavy for a fantasy situation. Also, I worry that you might be the kind of dude who says “I Love You” during sex, or more than twice a year. This… wouldn’t work for me.

Take care of yourself though. Seems like there’s a lot you need to work out.

And if you haven’t yet read the excerpt from Emma’s new book (MUST), click here.



PS. Photos of you with Emma from a happier time, click here.

Thanks Christine!

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