The British Fashion Awards are happening in London tonight. Emma Roberts appears to be kind of a thing over in the UK after making a movie over there. Or she wants to be kind of a thing in the UK. Whatever. I’m coming to the point. And the point is that she’s wearing a dress that exposes that tricky area. You know that area around the back of your waist that folds when you turn? Emma, as you can see, is young and lithe, and not even she can get away with that area. You have to be Michael Pitt’s girlfriend to get away with that area.

As for that pretty child who’s posing with her: Douglas Booth, a model, obviously, but also a legitimate actor – he played Boy George for the BBC (the trailer is below) quite convincingly and spent a few weeks in the summer working on Miley Cyrus’s next movie LOL. Like LOL is the name of the movie. Photos from the set are attached. Easy Lo, he’s 19. But clearly cut from that British mold of the Westwick/Pattinson/Sturridge variety, all so delicate and lovely.

Now you want the full song don’t you?

Photos from and KCSPresse/ and Gareth Cattermole/