So Emma Roberts was on The Tonight Show the same night as Robert Pattinson. Pattinson actually stayed in the chair for the second interview. I like this. I like a lot of about him this week. Drunk from too much Butterbeer?

Anyway, Jay Leno begins his interview with Emma by asking her about Twilight and whether she’s Team Edward or Team Jacob. So she says she’s Team Jacob eliciting a healthy cheer from the audience. And Pattinson cleverly quips back that she’s demonstrated herself to have no taste. Nice. This Pattinson Like List is growing.

It was all fun and cute and easy and afterwards Emma even tweeted about it and said he wasn’t sparkling or something but that he was very nice.

What happened next?

Oh you know what happened next.

In typical Twi-Hard lunacy, they attacked her over Twitter. And then a day later she took her Twitter down. Gone. Hatemail takes a while to get used to. And not everyone loves it as much as I do. Especially young actresses who already have head issues and are oversensitive to begin with. But this is not her problem. This is the Twilight Nation f-cked up. It’s not like you haven’t already seen it in action.

Are we at the one year anniversary yet of the attempted Robert Pattinson assassination by strangulation in New York?

When women with children invite the tv people down into their basements to show off their Edward shrines, you know that’s a whole never level of loser. OF COURSE they’d demonise a young girl who dared to have a different opinion. OF COURSE they would.

And apparently there’s another layer to all this madness. Eye roll says it has something to do with “Robsten”. Emma is reportedly getting close to Michael Angarano. Michael Angarano was dumped by Kristen Stewart just before she hooked up with Robert Pattinson about a year ago. Robsten-sters hate Michael Angarano because he was an obstacle to the most loving-est love story of all time. Some of them even think Kristen Stewart was faking a relationship with Angarano to hide her relationship with Pattinson, while in the same breath applauding Stewart for being too authentic to fabricate sh-t for Hollywood style.

No, Twi-Hards have never been strong on logic. Look at the books they read.

And so Emma Roberts is caught in the crossfire of their f-ckery, forced to close up her Twitter and is now hiding from the mall.

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