On September 17th, when Easy A hits theatres, everyone will know Emma Stone. Let me squeeze in a little gloat here though, if you don’t mind? I’ve had an Emma Stone hard-on for a long time now. And I’ve also been saying Emma Stone is (just) one of the reasons why Lindsay Lohan needs to worry. A lot.

A few weeks ago, on a flight to Vegas, I told Jacek to watch Paper Man on the plane. Of course he fell in love with Emma Stone. Really, she’s irresistible. In everything. Even, ugh, The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. And it’s not because she’s pretty either.

Sure, Emma is attractive. She’s very attractive on the cover and in the pages of ASOS Magazine. But when she talks, her features actually squish together so that she’s not so much pretty anymore but really interesting looking, where beauty, thankfully, is no longer part of the discussion.

Rather it’s her voice, sometimes deep and raspy, sometimes girly, sometimes high pitched, and her ability to transfer seamlessly from high school comedy to zombie badass to independent drama to Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling and the coveted lead role in the film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help and of course the fact that at 21 she’s not at Chateau Marmont every night, riding around with her hoochie bare and her credit card permanently on file on Robertson.

Right. That would be because she’s always working.

Reception coming from advance screenings of Easy A has been largely positive. Easy A and Emma are coming to TIFF. Ryan Gosling will be at TIFF too. They were close on the set of Crazy, Stupid, Love. It’ll be a little reunion then.

Click here for more of Emma in ASOS and the magazine’s two other covers as well. And get ready to love her if you don’t already on September 17 in Easy A.