The Amazing Spider-Man is doing very well. Click here if you missed Sarah’s review of the movie the other day. She has declared him the best Spider-Man ever. That, in combination with the film’s strong box office, means Garfield and his real-life girlfriend Emma Stone, have not bombed together, at least not professionally. Personally they seem to be doing well too.

Here they are in Madrid yesterday on El Hormiguero continuing promotion now that the stress of the movie’s opening is behind them. It’s truly time to celebrate now. To bask in the glow of success. Could it get any better? To be able to enjoy the result of their talents in youth? And with someone you’re in love with?

(In case you hadn’t noticed, I, obviously, have wedding fever from being here all week with Duana as we approach hers.)

But what a roll Emma Stone is on. Amazingly too she’s doing it without a backlash. It’s rare, non? Inevitably they all get backlashed. And yet there’s something about Emma Stone, something so appealing and endearing and accessible, that you resist it for her. In fact, you only want the best for her. Sarah said to me the other day that Emma Stone will survive Hollywood. I believe her.