What a greedy bitch I am. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield papped together for the first time in a non work situation and, ever unsatisfied, I want more. I want holding hands.

Sorry. I will stop. And be satisfied that ... OMG they went out for dinner at Nobu in Malibu last night like boyfriend and girlfriend and I love them so much! I do, I really, really do. Not the way Jim Carrey loves her - ew - but there is a lot of affection here. And, like, a negligible amount of snark which... almost never happens.

(Should we just ignore the fact that they didn’t have to go to Nobu if they didn’t want to be seen? Shut up, Lainey? OK, maybe they just really, really wanted the Miso Black Cod. My friend Lorella says it’s not hard to make at home on your own. You know how stupid I am? I only just learned recently that Black Cod and Sablefish are the same. Fiona and I were at a restaurant and I was moaning about wanting black cod and there wasn’t any on the menu and the restaurant person was like, there’s sablefish, it’s the same thing. Which, if I had ONLY KNOWN EARLIER!!! But then, like a nerd, I went home to google the sh-t and, ugh, according to the FishWatch people they’re not actually the same thing and after spending half an hour on this, without a satisfactory conclusion, I decided maybe this isn’t an issue I needed to use up my energy on. So my new motto is - whatever the scientific classification, for the purposes of eating, and eating is really all I care about anyway, Black Cod and Sablefish to me are the same. And I will order it. Tangent over. Cue know-it-all emails.)

Is it Emma who has made Andrew so much hotter for me? Or is it his tan? We might need a haircut soon though, non?

PS. Sasha and I have been obsessing over Emma’s shoes at our work stations.

Photos from AKMimages.net