Christmas Rescue?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 24, 2012 16:53:02 December 24, 2012 16:53:02

I was admittedly disappointed when I saw these shots of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield this weekend. According to the photo agency, they’d spent an hour in a pet store hoping for a puppy...

In a pet store!?!?!!?

Pet stores are notorious for selling puppies from puppy mills.


Then I remembered that a couple of months ago, a new law was passed in Los Angeles restricting pet stores to selling rescue puppies ONLY. And Spot!, where Emma and Andrew were shopping, does indeed have what sounds like a well-organised Rescue programme.

Relief. No need for disappointment then. They can still be one of your favourites. I love them!

Owen Beiny /WENN

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