Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were photographed arriving at JFK airport in New York yesterday. She was also, a few hours previous, spotted at the airport in Paris without him. Perhaps they arrived there at different times.

What was Emma doing in Paris?

No one spotted her at any of the haute couture shows...

But the SAGs are coming up on Sunday where she will join the cast of The Help as they compete for Best Picture. And there is a very good chance that she’ll be invited to the Oscars too, seeing as The Help is on the list of 9 nominees. Did Andrew help her pick her dresses? Was it a romantic side trip to Paris and no one found them?

Oh, SO cute.

Andrew and Emma have been in New York a lot lately as he prepares for his Broadway debut in Death Of  A Salesman alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman directed by Mike Nichols. No, not a big deal at all. Just ... a little play.

Previews begin soon, on February 13. And opening night is March 15. Andrew is expected to be on Broadway for the production’s 16 week run taking him right up to Spider-Man promotion at the beginning of the summer. These are good, smart, professional decisions so far. And that’s also why, when you ask me whether or not I think this relationship is legit, my answer is yes. Neither one of them had to...

They were already well on their way before hooking up.