Many of you weren’t feeling her as a blonde. Emma Stone’s appearance at the BAFTAs should take care of that? Perhaps she’s softened it a little. Whatever it is, it’s amazing and it pops and I love that she’s into so much colour right now (remember the peachness at the Globes?), to say nothing of her face! Her face! The makeup – it’s so clean, it’s so soft, it’s so fresh, it’s so perfect. All of it, head to toe, it’s the best showing she’s delivered on a carpet ever, and really, who cares that she lost to Tom Hardy. In the battle of rising stars, this one was a tough call, a strong ass year.

Speaking of Tom Hardy – Nolan must have him in strict Batman lockdown or something but he wasn’t there.

That’s a wrap on BAFTAs! Are you yelling at me? Yell at me over email! I’m reading!

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