You know, you never want to be boring. Predictable. Safe. And so it becomes a bit of a lame proposition to choose Emma Stone for Best Dressed, because of course she’s going to be Best Dressed. Even her misses are so much more interesting than everyone else’s wins.  

But this is no black or cream or red dress. This is gloriously chartreuse – or bright fluorescent green if you caught it on the ABC red carpet. She looks amazing but much more importantly, she looks singular. There is only one Emma Stone. There are a million women named Emma and two million who want to be quirky and have her career, but she’s the only one who’s doing her thing to perfection, creating an Emma Stone bubble everyone wants to be in.

It’s so easy to say but so hard to do. Don’t try to be, or do, or copy anyone else. Be and do and copy you, and you alone. That’s the only way to become the kind of person everyone else wants to be around, and I’d further venture it’s the only way to find your unique talents anyhow.

The problem is, Emma Stone makes it look both effortless and fun. I’d wager that it’s neither – apparently she suffers from anxiety sometimes – but she always looks like she’s having the time of her life. It’s another one of those qualities that should be off-putting but instead brings people to her like moths.

And remember that photo with her and Aniston? How could you ever pretend you didn’t want that person to be your very best friend?

Oh and – AND – look at her Vanity Fair dress (last row below). See? Singular. Nobody would choose that but her. You be you.