Emma & Ryan won’t perform?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 7, 2017 14:43:29 February 7, 2017 14:43:29

Oscar Nominees Luncheon yesterday. As you know, La La Land leads with the most. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were there as Best Actress and Best Actor nominees respectively. La La Land also has two songs in the Best Song category and I wondered a few weeks ago whether or not they would be performing during the broadcast.

E!’s Marc Malkin reported last night that they will not, no source cited. Interestingly, according to Anne Thompson at IndieWire, Jennifer Todd, the Oscar show producer, “dodged questions about how many Oscar-nominated songs will be performed, and whether Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling would perform the two nominated songs from La La Land” at the luncheon yesterday.

I guess that means there’s still hope. But, really, what you should expect is for the musical performance to be taken over by the biggest ME in the room. You know who. WHO ELSE?

How do you feel about Emma’s one-shoulder black jumpsuit? I like it a lot. You know what’s interesting about this choice though? You don’t stand out in the class photo.

Emma’s in the front row, next to Matt Damon, who’s next to Natalie Portman, who’s next to Octavia Spencer. What would be your approach to this? Some people never, ever get the chance to be in a photo like this. Hi, Scott Eastwood. So if it happens to you, do you blend in in black? Or do you go bold and make sure you’re seen?

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