Emma Stone: Official Girlcrush

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 13, 2010 13:27:45 September 13, 2010 13:27:45

It’s been building for a while, and this weekend cemented Emma Stone’s place on my girlcrush list. It was something of an odyssey weekend for Emma, hitting three events in three days in two different countries. First she hit up Leno in LA on Friday night, in an amazing charcoal minidress with a back cutout. Emma’s body is SICK, and like her peer Kristen Stewart, she understands that letting it all hang out is not sexy, but hinting is. The sleek silhouette and leg-flattering hemline is perfect for a 21 year old with this sort of attitude. I would compare it to Stewart’s orange striped Herve Leger from 2009.

Saturday was the premiere of Easy A at TIFF and Emma went for a more formal look in Stella McCartney. I like the dress bunches, again it’s perfect for someone so young at a high-profile event like a TIFF premiere, but I don’t love the hair. It’s a bit Aunt Gladys, though I do appreciate that she tried the up-do. She doesn’t look 100% comfortable in the spotlight yet, but I like my young actresses with some personality. The young ones who manage the public with a PR-maven’s touch scare me because I think they’re going to link the world’s computers together and cause The Machines to rise against us. But Emma shows a hint of nerves, a little unease, and in that I see a real live person.

Sunday it was back to LA for the VMAs. Emma was my best-dressed for the night in a skintight Emilio Pucci black leather minidress. Again, only someone with the body and the attitude is carrying that dress off, and Emma totally gets it. It’s the perfect dress for the perfect person at the perfect venue. Hair and makeup are great—Emma is really really pretty and it’s so easy to forget because she’s so *interesting* as well—the shoes are terrific. Emma knows how to package. And with that smoky Bacall voice and her sense of humor, I am buying all of what Emma is putting down. The girlcrush list is now two Emmas and a Kristen.

Here is Emma Stone on Leno 9/10/10:


WENN and Toby Canham/ Gettyimages.com

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