In Paris today at Louis Vuitton. You know I love Emma Stone so much. And it’s great now that she’s becoming some kind of fashion girl. And the next step I suppose is for a fashion house or a cosmetics company to sign her. That’s exactly what her agents are trying to line up. Trust.

I can’t say however that I love this look. The dress. It’s doing nothing for her. The coat too. And while the blonde looked amazing at the BAFTAs, since then the blonde hasn’t been working for me. Maybe it’s working for you?

Later on Emma posed backstage with Marc Jacobs. Remember when Lindsay Lohan used to be able to pose backstage in Paris with designers? It’s a petty bitch move of me to always bring this up when Emma gets an opportunity like this but the point is to underscore the reality now: there simply is no need for Lindsay Lohan in Hollywood anymore. Which make her attempts at convincing us otherwise even more laughable than ever.

Also front row at LV – a photo assumingly humbled Alex Pettyfer who wasn’t quite the breakout success he wanted to be. In fairness to him, a lot of people predicted it too. Through a combination of bad quality and bad attitude, that, obviously, hasn’t happened, although he claims they’ve asked him to consider the role of Peeta in The Hunger Games. Um, hilariously enough, he says he’s thinking about it.

Thinking about it?

Bitch… sit DOWN, you’re thinking about it.

At this point, I’d advise you to suck an ass for it you need it so bad.

Here’s the thing though – if they say they haven’t chosen a Katniss, and Katniss is critical to the entire thing, how do they know who they want for Peeta? That doesn’t add up to me. Alex Pettyfer as Peeta for Jennifer Lawrence and Saoirse Ronan, sure. Alex Pettyfer as Peeta for Hailee Steinfeld? I don’t think so. But like I told you last week, Steinfeld is much lower down on the list than the first two. Will keep you posted, still haven’t had an update since last Thursday.

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