There was a lot of bullsh-t hair last night. Google Felicity Jones. And I’ll get to Katie Holmes in a minute. But here’s my favourite because I love her and I do love a braid. Check out Emma Stone in Thakoon with Andrew Garfield at their first MET Gala together! Am totally jacking the braid for The Social today. On her, it looks like they used extensions. For me, since my hair is a lot longer, Jordy, Key Hair on our show, separated my hair into two sections, top half and bottom half, making two ponytails combined into a braid instead of one because otherwise the weight of one braid will pull down the volume that’s been created. Hair tips!

The dress?

Again with the cropping. And this is basically the top of a yoga outfit. I mean, I do like the colour clash but for last night I just wish there was some more structure. Am surprised she didn’t go with Alber Elbaz and Lanvin.