When Andrew Garfield didn’t show up at the Oscars, one of the theories was that something had happened between him and Emma Stone. Then he was accused of being a dick during Oscar rehearsals and bailing on Batkid. Then he was exonerated. So it’s fine. All fine. They’re fine. And we have photos as confirmation. And I am relieved. So relieved. Because I love them so much, as creepy as that sounds.

Here they are in photos released on Friday while running errands in Beverly Hills. It’s adorable. And they look like they adore each other. And are happy. As for the errands – perhaps travel items? The two arrived in Sydney today to begin promotion for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and will likely be on the road for a few weeks leading up to the May 2 release date. I was about to say…already? But just realised it’s March 17 and where did 3 months go?