Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were out together in New York yesterday and they were out the other day too but I didn’t post those photos because there was no kissing and also a green hat. I need her to stop wearing that green hat. I’m going to pretend she never wore it. I’m going to pretend she doesn’t own it. I’m going to pretend they walk around in New York and there are no green hats and only kissing.

In other Emma news, the first trailer for Magic In The Moonlight was released this week. It’s a Woody Allen film. It’s a terrible title. Magic In The Moonlight. Like a Maroon 5 lyric. Like a Nicholas Sparks movie. A Walk To Remember? It was in A Walk To Remember, wasn’t it? Not that I didn’t love A Walk To Remember. Of course I did. They had sex with a tattoo sticker. But it’s not Emma Stone, you know?