I have been perv-wishing for months for pictures of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield loving each other. There was some handholding before Christmas. And hugging too. But nothing quite like these...

These are the best, and the cutest, so far. Here are Emma and Andrew in New York the other day KISSING! Like, let me push you up against an iron fence and get all horny kissing. And HOT. And so happy! And not weird and awkward and cagey but not famewhorey and gross either.

Look at that shot of him as he’s slightly leaning away to see her face and she’s smiling up at him (it’s the first attached photo) and tell me that’s not what it is to be young and optimistic and hopelessly in love. I need to stop staring. This could take up my whole day.

Ps. Also... red jeans! (Click here if you missed my previous posts on red jeans.)