E! News reported yesterday that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were seen earlier this week holding hands in Malibu. This comes just a few days after Andrew’s parents showed up to support Emma at the Aloha premiere in London – click here for a refresher. Since these two are not known for famewhoring and pap-calling, there are no pictures of this recent hand holding. I’ve attached a file photo instead. Andrew wrapped on Martin Scorsese’s Silence last week. His work on the film, overseas in Taiwan, is what started all this sh-t in the first place. Because they hadn’t been photographed together in a while and he, a young actor working with an acclaimed director on what sounds like a prestige project, didn’t fly back to LA, from Asia, to pose with her at the Oscars for a few hours only to fly back again.

Don’t forget, it was STAR Magazine that initiated everything. I’ve written about the media pile-on that followed in a previous post already – click here for a refresher - but it’s a good opportunity to revisit how magazines and entertainment outlets respond and react to each other just as much as they do to the subjects they’re covering.

PEOPLE couldn’t let STAR be first. And once PEOPLE joined in the coverage, with vague and weak sourcing, US Weekly and E! didn’t want to look like they were unaware. By reporting that Emma and Andrew were “on a break”, they’ve built themselves a safety. And that’s how you make up a breakup.