A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Joaquin Phoenix was supposedly in negotiations to play Dr Strange for Marvel. No news since then. He’s been working on that new Woody Allen film in Newport with Emma Stone. They were all seen on set yesterday. Maybe they’re haggling over terms? The term most people haggle over is money. Obviously. With Joaquin, it might be how much money he’ll put-out for. For a guy like him to monkey-dance all over a superhero press tour, it’s probably a lot more. Or perhaps we haven’t gotten that far. Perhaps this has all been premature speculation. Perhaps he’s still just reading a script. Although I can’t picture that either because Joaquin’s always been that method guy who lives who he’s playing when he’s playing it. And right now, while he’s playing someone for Woody Allen, the artist in him might not be able to connect with another character right now. “I can’t multi-task my emotions, OK?” is something I could totally see him saying.

Does that mean part of him is falling in love with Emma Stone? How could he not? She’s irresistible. Have you seen these photos of them shooting a kissing scene last week? It’s always SO convincing, non?