Emma Stone is in New York working on a couple of movies. Judd Apatow’s in New York where his wife, Leslie Mann, has been shooting with Cameron Diaz. Since they both had the afternoon off, they caught up over lunch. I kind of love that Emma moves so easily between so many different famous friend groups.

She’s tight with the Apatow crew, obviously. And Andrew Garfield’s faction of British friends. And Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. And, of course, she and Ryan Gosling are pretty close too (platonically) and keep looking for new projects together. Like, one day she could be having lunch with Judd Apatow, head for a coffee meeting to discuss “motivation with Ryan G”, and a few hours later, end the night in her jams over at Taylor Swift’s house, agonising over what, exactly, she should say in her text to John Mayer about his new song. That’s a total trip, right?