Whoever makes the decisions up there, the governing power pulling the fate strings, she is a Bitch. She is a bitch who keeps giving us little gifts. It is during these times, these times of fashion and red carpets, that I know for sure we are not alone. How else could you explain this?

Kirsten Dunst was once the Girl for Spider-Man. She had it all. She had first look at so many projects. She had Sofia Coppola waiting on her for Marie Antoinette. She had Jakey Gyllenhaal.

Then came a bad breakup, several bad boyfriends, too many bad reactions at parties, a trip to rehab, and the realisation that in that time, so many new faces were introduced. They made her, kind of, not that important anymore.

Last night at the Met Gala, Kristen Dunst wore a floral pattern Chanel. It’s haute couture, it’s certainly beautifully crafted, but that quirky spark seems to be gone. Not unlike the way Winona Ryder’s quirky spark disappeared. Kiki used to make weird clothes interesting. Right now I feel like she’s making great clothes a little shabby.

And then there’s Emma Stone.

Emma Stone is the new Girl for Spider-Man. Everyone loves her. She is funny, she is smart, she can do drama, she can do romantic comedy, she can be in an ensemble, she can carry her own too, she is currently blonde, and last night she chose floral Lanvin, very high fashion, and certainly not for everyone, and I can hear you screaming about it but Emma can do it like Maggie Gyllenhaal can do it. And again those fuchsia lips, click here because you need these fuchsia lips for summer, and isn’t it amazing how these things work out, that two girls on the same but different path end up in flowers at the same event and still these dumb twats in Hollywood, they still don’t understand that you CAN be replaced, no matter who you are and how good it is, you can always, always be replaced. But, you know, by all means, go ahead and piss it away.

Hopefully Emma is smarter than that.

Photos from Wenn.com and Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com