Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were immortalised together in Hollywood the other day. When I posted about this yesterday, I wondered whether or not that was premature – and most of you agreed. Now though, is it up to them to live up to it or us to ask them to live up to it? Or both?

Last night Emma and Ryan were in San Francisco promoting La La Land. And on Sunday they are expected at the Critics’ Choice Awards where La La Land leads all films with a total of 12 nominations, including Best Actress and Actor. We’ve talked a lot about Emma Stone’s Oscar chances and the tight race for Best Actress Oscar. On the men’s side, it’s Casey Affleck, alleged sexual harasser, who is the frontrunner right now, with Denzel Washington in second position. The other three nomination spots for actors, though, seem to be wide open although a large majority of Oscar predictors have Ryan on the list, ahead of Tom Hanks. He’s not going to win, no way. The only person who can upset Casey Affleck at this point is Denzel. But given its critical acclaim, if La La Land does well at the box office, there’s a pretty good chance that Ryan will be at the Dolby on February 26th.

Question: if Ryan Gosling is nominated for an Oscar (it would be his second nomination), does he go with Eva Mendes? They’ve been super private, super undercover. But this, this is the Oscars. Exceptions are often made for the Oscars. Would it be the ultimate indication of their militant commitment to keeping their relationship to themselves if she stayed home and he went with his ma and sister?

In other Ryan news, his interview with Jimmy Kimmel aired last night. He brought the charm to this appearance, telling a funny story about being at the Oscars last year and disappointing Chris Rock and also sharing anecdotes about working with Harrison Ford. And how famously not-warm Harrison Ford can be. Then, he teaches Jimmy how to waltz. I like how he fronts like he’s not into the idea at first and then ends up being a total control freak about it. But can he keep this up for the next 8 weeks?