Really, really love what Emma Stone wore last night at the CFDA in New York. Peplum and sparkles! The navy and green look sharp together, non?

While Emma was with the fashion people, boyfriend Andrew Garfield was at a different event in NYC. Here's Andrew showing his support for his favourite charity at the Worldwide Orphans benefit gala hanging out with Amy Poehler. Earlier this week he danced on Ellen and raised $10k for the foundation, and many of you fell in love. I know this because after I posted about it yesterday (click here if you missed it), there was swooning all over my inbox.

As you know, Emma and Andrew have been inseparable. And it appears they coordinate travel schedules too. When he has to be in New York, she too commits to an appearance of her own there, so that they can spend as much time together as possible, on top of all the time they already spend together. It's the accelerated nature of celebrity relationships. For civilians, say you meet someone you're into, you start seeing each other, but at the very least, if you both have jobs, even if it's super intense super fast, there's still a logistical restraint built-in as you manage your real-life commitments. As short as it might be, there's the semblance of a "dating" phase.

Actors don't work, often, for months at a time. That's a lot of free time. And in that free time they can love 3 times as much as you might in a year. So that a one year celebrity relationship, in terms of experience and drama and ups and downs and turns and twists, might be the equivalent of what takes 3 years to accomplish for the unfamous. It makes for really interesting milestone timelines.