Many of you have written to say that you thought this year’s Oscars was low on star power and major fashion moments. I feel you. Some of you mentioned that you wished Emma Stone could have been there, because she’s always good for a style conversation. I hear you. But Emma’s been keeping a low profile and I can’t complain about that either. There is value in being missed. And I love too that she doesn’t just show up everywhere to present everything, like Kate Hudson or, it’s becoming, Reese Witherspoon, who, sure, is an Oscar winner and can go back any time she wants but… I mean… you’re just ALWAYS there, you know?

Anyway, here’s Emma at the gym the other day. This is where we see her most often now – at the gym, she’s taking care of herself, she’s healthy – although she did step out for one party on Oscar weekend at an event to celebrate Spotlight at the Sunset Tower in an outfit that actually looks like gym clothes:

Probably unrelated but I’ll tell you anyway, I had lunch at the Sunset Tower on Friday and was seated right next to Andrew Garfield. Seemed like a business thing, some guy was pitching him a script. Andrew was casual, had a backpack with him, and at one point Mark Ruffalo came over to say hi and they hugged. He was there when I got there and he left before I did, off to meet up with his best friend Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe who were in the lobby. This is what I mean about Oscar weekend being a working weekend. You just want to be around if you want to stay around, you know?