The Hollywood Foreign Press Association held an event last night in Hollywood to “celebrate Golden Globe Award season”. Basically it was an excuse to have a party. But the stars show up because they have to lock down their nominations. Emma Stone was there too, although the way people are talking, she’s probably already won the Best Actress Musical/Comedy Golden Globe for her work in La La Land so I’m pretty sure she could have skipped it and yet, since the race is so competitive for Best Actress Oscar this year, it’s best to not take any chances. Not when she’ll likely be up against Natalie Portman who has shown us what she looks like when she wants an Oscar and Annette Bening who is so long overdue.

So many people I know saw La La Land at TIFF. I couldn’t go because of the screening times and I was pretty bummed out about it then but now, after watching the first proper trailer for it a few days ago, I’m actually excited to go at Christmas, to get caught up in that feeling around the season when, for those of us who are fortunate enough, it’s harder to be cynical. The way the preview builds towards the end, I can almost imagine myself on Boxing Day, at a matinee, like I’ve stolen an afternoon but don’t have to feel guilty about it. I think that might add to the experience. Even Sarah, who hates musicals and is predisposed to throw shells at them, couldn’t resist La La Land in her review. That said, she saw it before the apocalypse.

Emma’s lips have that tone that Jessica Chastain’s did at the same event. I can see it’s lipstick but it’s such a well-chosen colour that it’s worn almost like a stain, and I’d believe it if you told me that’s just what her mouth looks like naturally. Is it a redhead thing? I have never, ever been able to do the same.