So pretty!

Emma is back to auburny now but not when she posed for ELLE Magazine and the styling is really, really lovely, suits her very much. I love the fascinator. Or whatever it is that they have perched on her head in the closeup. Click here for more photos and to read a few quotes from the interview.

She talks about baking and about being a nerd and wanting to look like a real person to be believable in roles and I think I’ve written about this before – Emma is interesting looking and hot, totally, but she’s not like one of those freakishly goodlooking movie people who can’t become anyone else, you know? Think of her in Superbad. Sexy, guys want to get with that, she has a personality, but she’s also not the prom queen, right?

Gossip from the article? What she doesn’t say confirms it. She declines to discuss her relationship with Kieran Culkin but the fact that it’s brought up pretty much means they’re still together, at least as of a few weeks ago.

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She’s in three releases this summer: as Skeeter in the movie adaptation of The Help and supporting roles in both Friends With Benefits and Crazy Stupid Love in which she plays the girl who manages to beguile the player, Ryan Gosling. I already know I’ll have to be careful watching that one. I already know those parts will make me all clappy and fangirly.


You want to see the trailer again?

I even like it in Spanish.

UPDATE: Obviously I can’t read today. Emma apparently is no longer with Kieran Culkin.