The Cannes Film Festival announced its lineup today. Among the films screening out of competition, Woody Allen’s An Irrational Man starring Emma Stone, apparently his new muse, and Joaquin Phoenix. So Emma’s going to Cannes. For the first time, I think. Emma’s dress porn is always first class.

As for the film, it’s about a young woman in university who falls in love with her professor, because what else would it be about if Woody Allen wrote it. He’s been writing his own stroke material for decades. Allen showed up in 2011 for Midnight In Paris. You know he’s a lot more comfortable moving around in front of the press in Europe. Don’t be surprised then to see him walk the red steps with his cast.

Don’t expect Emma to bring a date to the red steps. Although it’s been rumoured that she and Andrew Garfield are either over or temporarily over, or maybe getting back together when he returns from filming, showing up at such a high profile event on that night would totally hijack the film, making the story about her relationship. That’s how some actors sell movies but I can’t see her making that move. Can you?

Attached – Emma leaving the gym yesterday.