Emma and Andrew’s family

Dean Posted by Dean at June 6, 2013 18:12:49 June 6, 2013 18:12:49

How excited would you be if Emma Stone was your sister-in-law?! Obviously she's not actually married to Andrew Garfield but she certainly looks like family showing Andrew's brother and wife around Tribeca. And don't they appear to be having a really nice day? The kids are behaving, everyone's laughing and essentially wearing pajamas. Seems ideal. 

Maybe I'm assuming too much though? Maybe I'm projecting and you guys wouldn't want Emma Stone as your sister-in-law? Maybe you don't want to have to hang out with one of the only A List actresses who has basically never done anything annoying? Maybe it actually WOULD annoy you to have to have to spend your time in New York next to someone who can make such a casual look seem so sophisticated just by adding a pair of sunglasses and a simple necklace? Is that what you think?

While this five-some did Tribeca, Andrew was apparently on the set for Spidey. In Page Six today, there's a quick item about how he stopped by a tavern in Brooklyn Heights. Andrew ate by himself, adorably no doubt, and ordered the hanger steak. Now, I may be unclear about how you feel about Emma Stone as a potential in-law, but I'm absolutely certain you don't give a f*ck about how close that tavern is to my house...but I gotta say...you guys...it's real close. The exquisite Andrew Garfield. Was. So. Close.

Oh also I must add that I wouldn't trade my own sister-in-law for 1000 Emma Stones. Maybe for that steak though?

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